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December 22, 2012
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SF X TEKKEN Biker Paul from Tekken 3 by monkeygigabuster SF X TEKKEN Biker Paul from Tekken 3 by monkeygigabuster
Bring back the most glorious of Paul Phoenix before he became obsessed with being the greatest in the universe
Replace the original outfit
Fully customizable
Hope you can enjoy this mod

From now on,Most of my SFIV and SF X TEKKEN mod as well as many other modders's stuff can be found in our Streetmodders group gallery :iconstreetmodders: : [link] so if you guys have time,please visit our gallery,we will be very appreciated
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Biker paul is on Tekken6 for psp was wondering why he looked so much like heihatchi / ken in SFxT
shiro-2011 Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've always wanted to see biker outfitted Paul Phoenix in the game itself (as opposed to only CGI cutscene) and this fulfills it! He looks powerful here and the skull emblem on the back is pure edge. Great job! :star:
i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, damn


i see that lars C3 has moving cloth bones for his pants, this seem to be quite similar to the ones seen in your AE Asura mod, can you update the SxT asura with the additional cloth like the original AE version now??
Thanks anyway
Hard to blame you since Utage board doesn't active like last year(damn,I quite miss that time too)

ABout that lar mod,now you mention it,I'll give it a try
thanks, looking forward to the asura update, and yeah Utage is quite dead but not totally though, posts are still appearing obviously have longer life than...DW7 or its XL counterpart
Yeah,We have discussed about that game since last November and now it has been a years
Have ya check DW8 trailer,quite disappoint for me(it seems they only add new musou type though),texture even worse than DW7 but at least it feels more Asian this time

What I'm surprise is that this game is planned to be exclusive for PS3,which is kinda odd for me
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